Milford Cargo Barriers

We offer a wide range of Cargo Barriers and Bulkhead Solutions.  Please browse through the options and contact us to further discuss your needs and requirements.

When it comes to protecting your family….

In an emergency or accident situation your kids may be sitting targets in the back seat from lethal luggage and debris hurled forward at up to 110 kilometres per hour. Don’t take your kids for granted and don’t take them anywhere without a Milford Cargo Barrier.

When the going gets rough….

Unrestrained cargo can be lethal in a four wheel drive in the event of a roll-over, front impact collision or sudden stop brought about by difficult terrain. Protect yourself, your family and your passengers from off-road disasters by fitting a Milford Cargo Barrier.

When it comes to protecting your employees….

In the event of a frontal collision unrestrained cargo can hurtle forward with an incredible force, severely injuring or killing anyone in its path. We can provide protection for your employees with the largest range of Cargo Barriers available for over 200 different load carrying vehicles.