HL EcoMo Round Auto Operation Hand Dryer


Casing:  White High Grade Fire Retardant ABS
                3.0mm Thickness

Motor: 400-750W Brush Type: Dual Ball Bearings
             11,00-20,000RPM (adjustable)

Heater: 85°C auto reset safety cut off

Hygiene: Antimicrobial additive used in production of ABS cover                            protecting against bacteria, mold and mildew.


  • Sound Level: 78db (± 3)
  • Drying Time: 10 - 15 seconds
  • Weight: 10.8kgs
  • Warm Air: Speed: 65-100m/s (adjustable), Temp: Ambient +20°C
  • Sensor/Range: Infrared Automatic - 120mm +/-10mm preset, Self Adjusting 
  • Protection: 60 sec power cut off, auto reset
  • Drip Rating: IP 23

Dimensions:  322mmW x 625mmH x 185mmD