Hale 275 Facial Tissue and Hygienic Glove Dispenser

Recessed Model - HL275-S
Surface Mounted Model - HL275-BSM

Material: #304 Stainless Steel

Finish: Polished Stainless Steel

Features: Dispenses Facial Tissues or Hygienic Gloves
                  Polished smooth edges

Capacity: Facial Tissues: 300 single ply or 150 double ply
                  Gloves: Subject to supplier availability

Mounting:  HL275-S: Recessed Concealed Fix
                    HL275-BSM: Surface Mount Concealed Fix

Overall Sizes: HL275-S: 160 x 300 x 68mm
                         HL275-BSM: 138 x 286 x 70mm

Wall Openings: HL275-S: 267mmW x 133mmH x 64mmD