The Hale Horizon partitioning system is a decorative system, using Compact Laminate suspended from a striking natural anodised beam – ideally suited to refurbishments.
This system is recommended for high or low abuse areas such and toilets and showers and can be hosed down for cleaning.  The combination of a durable, strong, self-supporting moisture resistant panel with the anodised beam results in a system with a modern style and clean lines.

Laminex Compact Laminate is certified antimicrobial to JIS Z 2801:2001 and proven to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the surface up to 99% within 24 hours.

Our Hale In-House Compact Laminate is certified antimicrobial to ASTM G22.  It is produced by permanently incorporating a US-EPA approved, well-known and widely used anti-microbial agent to retard the growth of nearly 99% of common form of bacteria on any decorative surface, further adding a spectacular look to the overall décor.


  • 13mm Antibacterial Compact Laminate panels
  • Anodised aluminium headrail suspension beam
  • Concealed fixed Avanti or Wave indicator lock with combined bumper
  • Concealed fixed Avanti or Wave gravity hinges
  • Concealed fixed Avanti or Wave coat hook and bumper
  • Continuous wall channel fixing at all junctions

Optional Extras:

  • Sliding door or open out door to comply with accessibility requirements
  • Powder coating to aluminium trim available
  • Privacy strips along hinge and opening side of door for maximum privacy of cubicle

Features and Benefits:

  • Group 3 Fire rating – Laminex Compact Laminates
  • Group 1S Fire rating – Hale In House Compact Laminates
  • Antimicrobial treatment reducing bacteria and fungal growth and reproduction throughout the lifetime of the panel
  • Emergency lift off hinges
  • No edge treatment required, however, oil will enhance black edge
  • No floor fixtures for ease of cleaning
  • A system that uses Laminex Compact Laminate, making it the most durable and flexible system on the market
  • All dimensions can be tailor made to suit your application and needs
  • Anodised aluminium headrail suspension beam for stability and clean lines
  • 10 year board guarantee
  • 2 year hardware guarantee
  • 2 year installation guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly low emissions board
  • Flexible design, available in ready to install, flat pack complete with shop drawings and installation manual

Recommended For:

  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Educational centres
  • Clubs and Entertainment centres
  • Public areas
  • Sporting and Gymnasium centres
  • Recreational centres
  • Caravan parks and campgrounds

COLOUR RANGE, Laminex Compact Laminate:

Hale In-House Compact Laminate:

Laminex Electro Compact Laminate - LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE