Pull Out Drawer Systems

We offer a large range of both Alloy, and Steel & Timber pull out Drawer Systems. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.


Vehicle Drawer Systems gives cargo stowage new meaning…

Features / Benefits:

  • Quick Access – forget wasted time searching for items that you need
  • Improved Efficiency – no more crawling into the back of your vehicle
  • Protects Equipment – added security for expensive or fragile tools & equipment
  • Interior vehicle protection – improves re-sale value
  • Multi-staged braking – OSH Friendly
  • Reduces back strain – heavy equipment can be rolled out for ease of access, making lifting easier and safer
  • Cost effective- the entire module can be transferred to another vehicle
  • 400kg (Steel & Timber) 200kg (Alloy)  Load Rating
  • Open or Closed Front
  • Lockable Option
  • New Zealand made
  • 2 (Steel) and 3 (Alloy) year Warranty
  • Custom options available
  • Hale Manufacturing fits the units for you