The Stratos partitioning system is available in two finishes: a High Pressure Laminate for wet or dry areas; a low pressure laminate for low abuse dry areas:

  • 18mm Marine Ply core with high pressure laminate for wet areas such as toilets or showers
  • 16mm MDF with high pressure laminate for dry areas such as toilets
  • 18mm MDF with low pressure laminate for low abuse, dry areas such as toilets


The Stratos High Pressure Laminate (HPL) system is an all purpose option covering all applications from toilets to wet area situations.  The ability to have both Ply and MDF cores to suit the situation, means cost and quality is always maximised.


The Stratos Low Pressure Laminate (LPL) system is a budget alternative used in low abuse, dry areas. It is not suitable for areas subject to high impact or high levels of moisture.