The Hale Urinal Screens are available in two board options - 13mm Laminex Compact Laminate, featuring radiused corners and polished edges, or 18mm Laminex Structural MR board with ABS edging or aluminium trim.  Our exclusive wall mount extrusion has concealed fixing for a clean look and allows for stable fixing, however, this is only available for the 13mm panel only.  For the 18mm option, the panel is mounted using silver anodised aluminium forming a wall channel and brackets and supported with a pedestal.

Full height screens with floor to ceiling posts are also available.  For any custom designs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Laminex Compact Laminate is certified antimicrobial to JIS Z 2801:2001 and proven to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi on the surface up to 99% within 24 hours.

Our Hale In-House Compact Laminate is certified antimicrobial to ASTM G22.  It is produced by permanently incorporating a US-EPA approved, well-known and widely used anti-microbial agent to retard the growth of nearly 99% of common form of bacteria on any decorative surface, further adding a spectacular look to the overall décor.



  • 13mm Laminex Compact Laminate panels
  • 18mm Laminex Structural MR Board with high pressure laminate or low pressure laminate
  • Concealed fixed wall mount extrusion (13mm panel only)
  • Silver anodised aluminium forming channel and brackets for mounting (18mm panel only)

Optional Extras:

  • Floor to ceiling posts
  • Support post for screens wider than 450mm
  • Powder coating to aluminium trim available

Features and Benefits:

  • Group 3 Fire rating
  • Antimicrobial treatment reducing bacteria and fungal growth and reproduction throughout the lifetime of the panel ( Compact Laminate only)
  • No edge treatment required, however, oil will enhance black edge (Compact Laminate only)
  • 2mm ABS edged panels, matching the colour of the face (Structural MR Board only)
  • Urinal screens can be tailor made to suit your design and needs
  • 10 year Laminex Compact Laminate board guarantee
  • 7 year Laminex Structural MR Board guarantee
  • 2 year hardware guarantee
  • 2 year installation guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly low emissions board

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